"He is the contractor, I am the architect. We make record breaking skyscrapers of love"-Cinema Wnyt. Chapter 3 Read NOW!!!

Left Lane Exhibition

Vested Entering New Unique Seduction


Murder Answers Real Situations  


Are You On The Correct Side???

Team Tachyon...Cinema Gang

watching The Opposition Watching Me Closely

20/20 Vision

South Side Raised Me

Left Lane made me


Are You On The Correct Side???

Cinema Gang...Team Tachyon

Because You Got Eyes

Don't mean your seeing me

Because Your Out Side

Don't mean your in the streets

Mrs Get Busy

Earned every bit of my name. DID YOU???

What do you say

When the best side of you is the worst side of you???

I Speak two languages

If Love knocks you down

Does hate pick you up???

The Bigger the dream

The bigger he sacrifice